Editor’s Note: Spring/Summer 2017

Spring is in the air! Although we didn’t have a tumultuous winter (weather wise), it has been a roller coaster in the political stratosphere. At Flag and Banner, we are in a unique position. No matter what point of view our customers have, left or right, you all buy flags. We do our best not to take sides, remembering that we are all Americans. With that in mind, we strive to provide stories for everyone.
In this edition of Brave Magazine we have an inspirational article of transformation from Ken McKay. He served as Chief of Staff in Rhode Island for Governor Donald Carcieri and ran Chris Christie’s Presidential campaign. Later he joined Donald Trump’s campaign as a senior adviser. Ken’s associate, Gail Gitcho, contacted us to share his story after reading Brave Magazine online.
In another article, Cheryl Roberts, an attorney and activist, reached out to us for custom flags to use for an Inauguration event. Her town of Hudson, New York came together to make a statement. The streets were lined with her Keep Hope Alive flags. Her story reveals how one person can make a difference.
May is national salad month so we featured the salad in our food section. Headlining our Fun with Flags segment is the history of the Bedford flag. And the publisher’s blog will give tips on designing your own flag.
Be sure to fly your American flag on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Patriot’s Day and Labor Day. We hope you will find something in this edition that will make you want to be brave.

Madison Monroe
Brave Magazine Editor

Author: Brave Magazine

You are Brave. Everyone has a story of bravery, our magazine showcases these stories. Showcasing courage in our feature stories is just one way we can tell the world about life's little moments of bravery.

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