May is National Salad Month

May is national salad month! In a very Forrest Gump way, we decided to list a different salad for you to explore each day of the month. (Links below go to other recipe websites, have fun exploring!)

Fruit SaladWaldorf SaladTuna SaladPotato Salad
Lettuce Wedge SaladCaesar SaladCobb SaladCaprese Salad
Egg SaladGreek Cucumber SaladChicken SaladPasta Salad
Spinach SaladSeafood SaladAmbrosia SaladMiso Tofu Salad
Macaroni SaladBean SaladGarden SaladTabbouleh Salad
Fiambre SaladPanzanella SaladGado-Gado Salad
Spring Asparagus SaladKale and Avocado Salad
Mediterranean Basmati SaladAsian Quinoa SaladTaco Salad
Broccoli SaladSlaw SaladRoquefort Pear Salad

That’s all we have to say about that!

Author: Brave Magazine

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